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Goslyn Grease Recovery Devices control the flow of waste water going in and out of the units. A Goslyn is sized by the time it takes to drain the 3-compartment sink.

A Goslyn Grease Interceptors excel in facilities with solid traffic, loads of dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils. The Goslyn is a durable work horse that can easily manage extreme hot temperatures and vast water flows from 3-compartment sinks and automatic dishwashers.

Goslyn Grease Interceptor

Goslyn Restaurant Models

40 Litre
Used in QSR & Grocery

GOS-60 & GOS-80
60 & 80 Litre
Used in Casual Dining, Banquet Hall, Medium Kitchens

Goslyn Industrial Models

GOS-160, GOS-240, GOS-320
160, 240, & 320 Litre
Used in Mfg, Hospital, Country Club, Large Kitchens

A Goslyn can not be overpowered by a strong or hot flow of waste water. Restaurant grease will never bypass a Goslyn unit. Backups and overflow will not occur with a Goslyn Grease Recovery Device.

A Goslyn representative will always provide a pre-sale onsite visit to determine correct model and accurate pricing. Low-profile Models are stocked and available.

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