Grease Recovery Device

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When you take the cover off a passive grease trap, the odours are terrible. Goslyn is your last grease trap related expense.

No Plumbers Required

Goslyn Benefits

  • Zero Pumping Expenses
  • Zero Grease Blockages
  • No Chemical Costs
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Zero Landfill Waste
  • Lower Maintenance Budgets
  • Odor Free
  • Long-lasting & Durable
  • No Consumable Parts
  • 99.6% Grease Recovery

There is not a grease interceptor, grease trap or grease recovery device that can outperform or outlast a Goslyn. Goslyn is made of stainless steel without moving mechanical parts. A Goslyn System never leaks or rusts. No consumable part on a Goslyn.

Goslyn Ontario

Your Last Grease Trap Expense

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